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"  SORPTION AND BIOSORPTION  - new book (2004) NEW-new-NEW   Volesky, B.,  BV-Sorbex, Inc., Montreal, Canada
     >> Equilibrium (bio-)Sorption  -  Chapter 6, from "SORPTION & BIOSORPTION" book (2004)  - IMPORTANT ! <<
    BIOSORPTION OF HEAVY METALS(1993) - Volesky, B. (editor), CRC, Boca Raton, FL, USA.
Modeling and Optimization of Fermentation Processes (1993) - Volesky, B. and Votruba, J. Elsevier, Amsterdam


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New chapters/papers to appear :

   Naja, G.M. &  Volesky, B., & Murphy, V.  2010Biosorption, metals.  In: Encyclopedia of Industrial Biotechnology, Flickinger, M., ed. Wiley Interscience, NY.

  Naja, G.M., Naja, R. & Volesky, B.  2010.  Comparison of metal biosorption models.  (in press).

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Papers published and available:

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                    In Proceedings available on a CD from
SAIChE , Johannesburg, South Africa.

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The whole Everglades, having already shrunk by 50% over the past 100 years, are further threatened by human urbanization and  agriculture that are dumping excessive amounts of nutrients in the watershed. The levels of nitrogen and particularly phosphorus are crucial to the health of the aqueous environment.
The Everglades problem represents a unique mixture of scientific, environmental, economic, social, political - and of course, financial challenges.
Will we be able to quench the thirst of Florida for water ?  Will we be able to unite the differing thrusts of various Florida stakeholders and find a solution to this problem of huge dimensions ?  This latest Report summarizes the situation and the challenges that are setting an example for the rest of the world.




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